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Sira Approved Companies: Ensuring Top-Tier Security Solutions

SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) is the governing body in Dubai responsible for overseeing and regulating all security measures and installations, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. protech max proudly stands as a SIRA approved company in
Dubai, offering certified services and consultancy to clients seeking SIRA accreditation for their security installations.

What is SIRA Certification and Why is it Necessary?                                        SIRA certification serves as a mark of approval for the security measures implemented by organizations. Upon inspection by SIRA Inspectors, if the installations or services meet the required standards, a certificate is issued. This certification is crucial for managing a security company in Dubai, whether it involves security guards or IT security installations

protech max: Your Trusted SIRA Approved Partner
With a focus on innovation protech max delivers high-quality services in information systems, management consulting, software design, development, and customization. As a SIRA approved company, we specialize in providing full integration and bespoke programming for enterprise level security solutions.

Our team consists of highly qualified and certified specialists, ensuring the delivery of top-tier security and surveillance systems. Registered with SIRA (Dubai Police HQ), all our Engineers undergo rigorous training at the Security Cadre Training Center, further reinforcing our commitment to excellence and compliance with SIRA regulations

Protecting Dubai with World-Class Security Systems

At protech max, we are dedicated to safeguarding Dubai and maintaining its status as one of the safest cities in the world. Through our SIRA approved services and consultancy, we ensure adherence to stringent security standards, rules, and procedures, offering peace of mind to our clients and the community.

IT Security & Surveillance Installation Certificate:

In Dubai, establishments such as malls, plazas, and commercial buildings require SIRA certification for their security settings, including CCTV installations and video surveillance systems. Obtaining a SIRA certificate can be a complex process, but our team is here to assist you every step of the way. From warehouses to residential buildings and jewelry offices, we provide SIRA approval services tailored to various industries, ensuring compliance and safety.
Trust Protech Max for your SIRA certification needs, and let us help you enhance security and regulatory compliance for your organization

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