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Introducing Protech Max ANPR:
Protech Max Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), endorsed by the Dubai government’s Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), redefines vehicle access control with swift and efficient vehicle identification. Designed to facilitate seamless entry management, Protech Max  ANPR ensures rapid and accurate number plate recognition over various distances. Discover if
Protech Max ANPR is the ideal solution for your access control needs.

What is Protech Max ANPR?
Protech Max ANPR, short for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, revolutionizes vehicle identification through cutting-edge technology. By employing ANPR cameras, this system swiftly scans and transmits number plate data to SIRA as per Dubai Government regulations. Embracing modernization, Protech Max ANPR integrates with gate barriers, minimizing reliance on manual intervention due to its standalone functionality.

About Protech Tech:
As a rising star in the software industry, Protech Tech prioritizes customer satisfaction by delivering high-end technology solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our dedication to quality, performance, and expertise in emerging technologies. At Protech Tech, we embrace innovation and creativity to drive productivity, enhance customer loyalty, and unlock revenue opportunities for our clients.

ProtechTec emerges as a pioneer in security surveillance systems and fire alarm services, aiming to be the go-to source for comprehensive security solutions. With two decades of experience,
we have established ourselves as a trusted provider, constantly striving for excellence in our work. Serving a diverse clientele, including corporate entities, ProtechTec remains dedicated to
maintaining a sterling reputation among clients, partners, and associates.

About Protech ANPR CAMERA
The IPC-AX1350H is equipped with cutting-edge features including Face Capture, Perimeter Protection, and People Counting functions. Powered by deep-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, this camera delivers significantly improved accuracy in identifying faces and objects.

Additionally, the series boasts Active Deterrence and Full Color capabilities, along with starlight and smart IR technology, ensuring clear and detailed footage even in challenging lighting conditions. Furthermore, the IPC-AX1350H series is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, being fully protected from dust and water.

Face Capture:
Utilizing advanced deep learning algorithms, Protech Max ANPR cameras automatically capture facial images with precision and speed. Trained by a vast array of face data sources, these cameras swiftly and accurately locate faces within digital images or video frames, enhancing security and surveillance capabilities.

Perimeter Protection:
Protech Max’s Perimeter Protection functions enhance accuracy while reducing false alarms. By leveraging advanced algorithms, this feature optimizes object detection, minimizing pixel count requirements and ensuring reliable perimeter security.

About Protech Max ANPR Camera:
The IPC-AX1350H series combines state-of-the-art technology with robust construction to deliver exceptional performance in various security applications. With features such as Face Capture, Perimetzer Protection, and People Counting, powered by deep-learning AI algorithms, Protech Max ANPR cameras offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Whether for surveillance in commercial, industrial, or public settings, these cameras provide advanced security solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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